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Training Courses

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Web Design And Development with PHP

Course Fee:  14000/- BDT , Duration : 4.5 Months.

  • Introduction to Web Design With HTML & CSS.
  • Web Design Concepts & Responsive Design With Media Query CSS.
  • SASS.
  • JavaScript Along With Jquery.
  • Bootstrap 4.
  • PSD TO HTML. ( 2 Projects On Multipage & Landing Page ).
  • Introduction To PHP .
  • Programming Concepts With PHP.
  • AJAX , JSON.
  • PHP OOP Concepts.
  • Database With MySql.
  • DB connection with PHP.
  • Dynamic Website Building with projects.
  • Project : School Management System,CMS Building with PHP MySql.

Software Development with C# Programming

Course Fee:  20,000/- BDT , Duration : 4 Months.

  • Introduction To C# Programming Language.
  • Visual Studio And Enviornment Setup.
  • Programming Concepts & Activities (Variables,Logics,Looping,Methods etc. )
  • Structs And Enums.
  • Organizing Data into Collections.
  • Handling Events.
  • C# OOP.
  • Defining and Implementing Interfaces.
  • Hierarchies.
  • Read/Write Operations.
  • Performing I/O Using Streams.
  • Querying Data by Using LINQ.
  • Creating and Using Dynamic Objects.
  • Creating and Using Dynamic Objects
  • Windows Forms
  • .exe file making.
  • Final Projects.

Python Development with Django

Course Fee:  14000/- BDT , Duration : 4.5 Months.

  • Python Basics
    Running Python Hello, World!, Literals, Python Comments, Data Types, Variables, Writing a Python Module, print() Function, Named Arguments Collecting, User Input Getting Help.
  • Functions and Modules
    Defining Functions, Variable Scope, Global Variables, Function, Parameters, Returning Values, Importing Modules.
  • Maths
    Arithmetic Operators, Modulus and Floor Division, Assignment Operators ,Built-in Math Functions, The math Module, The random Module, Seeding.
  • Python Strings
    Quotation Marks and Special Characters ,String Indexing ,Slicing ,Strings ,Concatenation and Repetition, Common String Methods, String Formatting, Built-in String Functions.
  • Iterables: Sequences, Dictionaries, and Sets
    Definitions Sequences, Unpacking Sequences, Dictionaries, The len() Function, Sets *args and **kwargs.
  • Flow Control
    Conditional Statements, The is and is not Operators Python's Ternary, Operator Loops in Python, The enumerate() Function, Generators List, Comprehensions.
  • File Processing.
  • Exception Handling.
  • Dates and Times.
  • Django.
  • FInal Project.

Web Development with ASP.NET MVC CORE. ​

Course Fee:  24,000/- BDT , Duration : 4.5 Months.

  • Introduction to ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Getting Started with ASP.NET Core MVC
  • The Controller in ASP.NET MVC , The View in ASP.NET MVC, The Model in ASP.NET MVC, Helper Methods for HTML, Form Submissio,n Model Binding , Input Validation .
  • More Complex Models in MVC Programs, Microsoft Technologies for Model Persistence, Using XML Serialization,NuGet Package Manager, Using ADO.NET .
  • Routing in ASP.NET Core MVC , Properties of Routes, Parameters in Routing, Registering Routes, Attribute Routing.
  • What Is Windows Azure? , A Windows Azure, Testbed , Deploying an Application to Azure , Updating an Application on Azure .

Advanced WordPress Development.

Offline Course’s Fee: 14,000/- BDT. Online Course’s Fee: 8500/- .

Duration: 4 Months.

  • Beginner To Advance level Course.
  • Anyone Can Apply.

Programming Fundamentals With C++ Programming Language(With Projects).

Offline Course’s Fee:  8,000/- BDT, Online Course’s Fee: 5000/- BDT. 

Duration: 3 Months.

  • Introduction to programming with C++.
  • Programming Logics and concepts.
  • Object Oriented Programming Concept with C++.
  • Problem Solving Ideas.
  • Basic Data Structures.
  • Software Building fundamentals with C++.
  • Making Basic Software with C++.
  • Introduction To Database.
  • Advanced Software Building (Desktop Application).
  • Final Project.

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